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Need more weapons in the weapons page.

Feel free to tell everyone about your strategies in the strategies page.

Pretty much everything needs updating.

Recent Zombsroyale.io Updates

season 20!

Season 20 is now out! don't miss out

  • on new weapons! The weapons are bolt MKll (sniper), KSC shotgun (tactic shotgun replacement), RAID Shotgun (powerful charging shotgun), and more!

the lucky lake is replaced!

  • Thor's Hammer unvaulted!
  • new skins!


  • Glitch into another future and peek into another reality: Cyberpunk! In this future can you explore all it has to offer, discover 250+ new cosmetics and items. Check back soon for more season-specific updates with new changes and new weapons.

New Zone: Cyber City

  • The future is here! Infantry Island has been invaded and hacked into Cyber City! Summer is almost here, the snow and cold looming over Lucky Lake is gone, the ominous horror that was Haunted Hollows have faded and Fortune Forest is back. Mysterious forces have begun to weaken and Celestial Clouds has disappeared.

New Weapons: XM8 & XBow

  • In addition to a new zone to fit the season, there are now two new airdrop only weapons. The XM8 is futuristic and is an extremely powerful burst weapon. The XBow with its high tech upgrades is able to fire 2 bolts at once!
  • Spawns as Mythic only
  • Can only be found in airdrops

Other Balancing Changes

  • VSS damage has been increased
  • UMP damage has been reduced *not sure why
  • Rubber Gun's maximum magazine size reduced from 30 to 21
  • Minigun range has been reduced *finally nerfed minigun spamming
  • Upgraded Scar damage has been reduced *perfect

New Zone: Wild West

  • Howdy, ya'll! Take your guns out to the old town road til you can't shoot any mo'


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